Restoration Arts
March 28-29, 2014
Kansas City, Missouri
Join with us as we explore beauty's role in a broken world.

Restoration ARTS

Kansas City Arts and Faith invites you to Restoration ARTS at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri. Restoration ARTS will be a gathering of culture-makers and catalysts from across the United States to engage in lively debate about the role of beauty in a broken world. Attendees will be challenged to consider the ways in which the arts play an ever-growing role in reconciling diverse communities.

As culture-makers and catalysts of all persuasions and backgrounds, we'll gather for 36 hours to explore beauty's role in a broken world. Artists, theologians, and academics will lead breakout sessions; live music will be provided by local musicians; and a post-conference entrepreneurial art crawl throughout Kansas City’s blossoming arts’ scene will offer attendees an enriching experience.

If you believe that the role of beauty in today's world deserves thoughtful and practical consideration, Restoration ARTS is for you.    


An introduction to Makoto Fujimura